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Day Thirteen - Tree Pose

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Share a pic with us today! Show us your tree pose!

New to yoga? Don't know how to get into tree pose? Don't worry, I got ya!

Vrksasana or tree pose is a standing balance pose. My first yoga teacher, Denise, used to say about balance, "some days you have it, some days you don't." This is so true! As you prepare for your pose, keep in mind that there is no shame in using the wall or a chair to help you balance if today is a day you don't have it!

Come to a comfortable standing position. Stand tall and find your balance standing on two feet. Bring your attention to your breath, take a moment to just notice the flow of the breath.

Shift your weight onto you left foot and pick up the right. Bring the sole of that right foot to your ankle, calf, or thigh. If your foot is at your ankle, you can allow the toes to rest on the floor to help you balance. Make sure that the foot is either above or below the knee and that you are not putting pressure on that knee joint.

Bring your hands to your hips. Begin to allow that right knee to open out to the right. Keep the hips facing forward. If the hips start to move to the right, stop opening that leg.

With hands on the hips, notice if the right hip is lifting up higher than the left. If it is, try to drop that side down so the hips are even.

Find a spot on the floor or wall to focus on for your balance. If you are ready and feeling balanced, bring your palms together and into your heart.

Engage the abdominal muscles, lengthen through the spine, and if you are comfortable, extend the arms over head.

Repeat on the other leg!

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