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Six Tips for Motivation When You Have Time But No Energy

Do you ever find yourself with plenty of time to get things done, but zero motivation to actually do anything? With a new puppy in the house, a full massage schedule, and several changes in the works for my business I have been finding myself tired and unmotivated in my down time. Unfortunately, even when I’m tired there are some things that still need to get done.

Here are 6 ways to get motivated when you have the time but lack the energy!

#1 Find your support/buddy system or an accountability partner

Having a spouse, friend, partner, neighbor, or trainer. to encourage and support you when you’re struggling can be a big help.

One morning last week, the last thing I wanted to do after getting up early and facing the work day to come was go to the gym for my morning workout! Having a partner who counts on me to plan our workout and do it with him is what got me out the door and into the gym.

When my son was younger I had two friends who I would trade babysitting with. About once or twice a month, one of us would take the kids for a couple of hours in the morning while the others had time to clean the house or run errands. Then we’d have lunch. It was a great way to get things done and get some quality time with other adults!

Accepting help from the people in your life can be beneficial for you and them! Why not find someone to join you while you:

  • Do the Grocery shopping

  • Plan and/or prep meals

  • Run errands

  • Walk the dog

  • Do a workout

#2 Prioritize

Some days the motivation is just not there but my To Do list just keeps getting longer. This is when it’s time to prioritize. What has to get done today? The lawn needs to be mowed and the laundry needs to be folded, but if I don’t clean the kitchen, nobody’s getting dinner tonight. So, cleaning the kitchen goes to the top of my list! What are the things that need to happen today?

#3 Set small achievable goals

Ever have one of those days where even convincing yourself to get off the couch after work is a real struggle? Or it’s your only day off and you don’t really want to spend it cleaning but you have to address that list of priorities? Set small achievable goals for yourself.

So, I have to clean the kitchen before dinner, right? I’m going to spend 15 minutes cleaning in there, I might even set a timer. When time is up, I will allow myself to sit and check social media or read a book for 15 minutes. Then repeat. Quite often I find that when my timer goes off, maybe I take an extra 5 minutes to take out the trash or start that load of laundry, since I’m already up and moving. Before I know it I have several things checked of my list and I still got to read a few pages that book (or see those videos of dogs with “zoomies” from Reddit)!

#4 Hydrate (and eat)

If you ask my son, he might tell you that my first approach to every problem is asking, “how much water have you had today?”

Did you know that even mild dehydration can cause you to feel tired and exhausted? Water Is vital. Lack of water can cause headaches, constipation, fatigue, and more. A study reported in The New York Times says that although Americans may be countering the effects of the water they drink with beverages containing caffeine and alcohol which are diuretics. (

So, if you are feeling less than motivated, ask yourself, “how much water have I had today?” And take a look at what else you are putting into your body. Are you consuming too much caffeine? Have you eaten today? The other thing I am always telling my son is that his body needs energy. If he’s not eating enough food, his body has no fuel to run on. Are you taking care of yourself?

#5 Get outside

Get outside! Being stuck indoors all day can be hard on the body and the mind. Getting outside for a walk, a jog, or even just to stand in the sun can do wonders for lifting your spirits and improving your mood!

When I’m feeling really unmotivated and I feel like I don’t have the energy for anything, I will just sit outside my front door in the sun for a few minutes. If it’s the right time of day, I take the dog for her afternoon walk. I’m not going to lie, having a dog that depends on me to get her outside does wonders for my motivation and forcing me to get time outside! I guess we could add a pet to #1, as part of your support group.

#6 Give yourself permission to rest

Finally, give yourself permission to rest! We live in a culture where “busy” is the goal or “Busy is best.” If you’re not staying busy all the time you might feel like you are less then, lazy, or not doing enough. But, it’s okay to be still sometimes, to allow yourself to rest, relax, and do nothing. So, sometimes, just rest. Sit on the couch and do nothing, take a nap, get a massage or a pedicure, meditate, or just breathe!

What else do you do to get yourself motivated? Try some of these and let me know what works for you!

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