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Hello and welcome to Just Breathe! My name is Salina Hunsuck. I am a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist (LMBT #6438) and Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 500). I also teach Swedish Massage and Allied Studies at the North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork (NCASB) in Charlotte, NC.

I grew up in New Jersey and moved to North Carolina in 2005. In October 2005 I completed my first 200-hour yoga teacher training (YTT). I attended massage school in Charlotte and earned my license in June 2006.  


I use my training in various massage modalities, yoga, anatomy, and exercise science, along with my years of experience to create the best-individualized plan for each client. I am dedicated to helping my clients relax, relieve pain, reduce stress, reach personal goals, and learn more about themselves and their bodies in the process. It all begins with one simple action – one we often take for granted…Just Breathe!


Welcome to Just Breathe, Ashlyn Allred (LMBT #20821)!


Ashlyn graduated from the NC School of Advanced Bodywork, where the focus is on Clinical Massage, in which soft tissues of the body are manually manipulated. Her technique is very thorough and can be adapted to each client’s needs, incorporating various types of massage. Her chosen techniques may include therapeutic touch, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques, active stretching, as well as Swedish massage.  

She is a dedicated, mature, and passionate therapist whose strengths are empathy, compassion, and intuition. “My passion has always been helping others…the ability to improve physical and/or emotional wellbeing is what makes massage therapy much more than a job.” 

Ashlyn is a native of Concord, NC, who loves spending time outdoors and with friends and family. 

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