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FAQ Friday: What is Thai Massage?

I'm often asked what is Thai massage or how is Thai massage different from a deep tissue massage? So, let's talk about Thai today.

Traditional Thai massage, also known as naud boran or Thai yoga massage, is an art form based on Ayurvedic medicine and combines a variety of techniques - compression, reflexology, sen line (or energy line) work, stretching, and yoga. It is preformed on a mat on the floor, with the client fully clothed, and no lotion is used.

In Thailand, this type of massage can be rough, intense, forceful, and painful as the body is pushed and stretched to it's limits. The Thai bodywork that I was taught is gentler than what you would receive in Thailand. As with all of my massages, each session is designed around the client's needs and for the client's body.

A Thai massage with me will combine conscious touch, compression, stretches, range of motion, and more. My goal is to safely affect the energy and neruomuscular system to relieve pain, reduce stress, and bring balance to bodies of all abilities. Unlike Swedish or deep tissue massage, the massage is performed on a mat on the floor and in comfortable, flexible clothing. A typical session lasts 90 minutes - 60 minute sessions are available but will not be a full treatment.

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