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Just Breathe is dedicated to helping people relax, relieve pain, and reduce stress.

Providing Mobile Massage Therapy and Online Yoga Instruction.



Thai Massage

Thai Massage combines conscious touch, stretches, range of motion, and more to affect the energy and neruomuscular system and bring balance to the body. Unlike Swedish or deep tissue massage, Thai is performed on a mat on the floor in comfortable flexible clothing. A typical session is 90 minutes, 60 minutes is available but will not be a full treatment. Often called Thai yoga or Thai yoga massage because the client is moved through a variety of passive yoga like poses. The therapist will use their body including hands, feet, and knees perform this massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Manipulation of the body's soft tissue to stimulate circulation, aid in pain relief, and promote relaxation.

Therapeutic-Ashi Combo Massage

This massage combines hands-on (therapeutic) and barefoot (Ashiatsu) massage techniques provide you with the best treatment for your specific needs and goals. Each massage is customized to clients needs.

New Client Forms

First massage with Just Breathe?

Please check your email and complete the online intake form to save time at your first appointment. Thank you!

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