Dedicated to helping people relax, relieve pain, and reduce stress.

Salina Hornak LMBT 6438 and 200-RYT has been living and working in Denver, NC and the Lake Norman area for 10 years. After many years of illness as a child and young adult she discovered yoga and began her journey; for more than 15 years she has been on a path of wellness, healing, and self-discovery.

She quickly realized the importance of understanding how our bodies function and how that knowledge can assist people who are in pain. She uses her training in in Swedish, Neuromuscular, Thai massage, yoga and other modalities to create the best individualized plan for each client. Because of her passion for learning she continually looks for opportunities to strengthen her current knowledge and add new techniques and therapies to her practice.

Salina is dedicated to helping her community relax, relieve pain, reduce stress and learn more about themselves and their bodies in the process. It all begins with one simple action – one we often take for granted…Just Breathe!

Sandy Tadlock, RYT-200
My yoga journey began several years ago while taking yoga classes at the gym as a way to stretch my aching “runner’s body”. Yoga was there, but only as a compliment to my rigorous training. In 2013, after being diagnosed with late stage Gynecologic Cancer, I underwent a grueling treatment that included pelvic radiation and chemotherapy. The treatment weakened my pelvic bones and my running had to stop. I once again turned to yoga for exercise, but this time something happened. I felt a shift in my body, but more importantly in my heart. My time on the mat became a place of release, of prayer, and of deep internal healing. My yoga practice had a profound effect on my view of life, and for finding gratitude in life’s everyday gifts. I felt that this shift was a deep emotional and intuitive calling to help others find their own peace- their own true power to know what it means to feel fully integrated in mind, body, breath, and heart. I had to teach this magic to others. My 200hr teacher training took place in Charlotte with Bella Vita Yoga. I hope that my classes inspire you to seek a deeper connection to yourself as we move, breathe, and empower each other!

Karen, Tai Chi
After spending my career in the daily grind of television news, it was time for a change. Time for a less stressful, balanced life here in Denver. That led to the study of Qigong, (chee-gong) which translates to “energy practice” and is known as the ancient Chinese wellness and healing system. Tai Chi is a form of Qigong and incorporates the slow, fluid movements into the practice.
I am a student of Dr. Roger Jahnke and am certified by the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi in Level One and the Tai Chi Easy form. I’m also a practitioner of Levels 1 and 2 of Spring Forest Qigong. I’ve been a Level 2 Reiki practitioner since 1996 and have trained in other forms of the healing arts.

Maricel, RYT-200
Maricel is a graphic designer by trade and a yogini by heart. Her yoga journey started a few years ago after she attended her first class with her sister. Since then, yoga has become a part of Maricel’s life and she considers the practice a daily ritual. Through her practice she has learned patience, kindness, endurance, spiritual guidance and self-confidence. Maricel completed a 240-hour teacher training program in 2014 and is Yoga Alliance E-RYT 200 certified. Maricel also holds certifications in Reiki Usui System and StandUp Paddle & Yoga, and trained in Prenatal Yoga. Additionally she is a brand ambassador for Altar Ego.

Leslie, RYT-200
Leslie spends her days working in the Natural Resource Conservation field, but has recently added yoga teacher to her repertoire. Leslie took private yoga classes for about a year and after a lengthy hiatus returned to practicing yoga a few years ago, upon recovering from a flare up of a chronic illness. After building a consistent practice and completing an Aerial yoga teacher training, Leslie decided she was ready to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training. Leslie is registered with the Yoga Alliance as an RYT-200 and is excited to begin her journey as a yoga teacher. Due to her having scoliosis and joint hypermobility, Leslie has a strong focus on proper alignment and use of props and modifications to make yoga appropriate and accessible for her students (and herself).