Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude.

January Reader’s Challenge

Posted January 4th, 2013 by Salina with No Comments

Happy New Year everyone! I don’t know about you all, but I cannot believe that 2013 is here already. I don’t really like to make resolutions for the new year. I figure I am just setting myself to be disappointed – in myself- so what’s the point really?
However, I recently read something really awesome that said, “What if the only resolution you make is to love yourself more…” What if? This is something we probably all need to do more. It’s also something that can be so easy if we let it. A resolution we can keep! So, the challenge this month is to share with us what you will do this year to love yourself more. Comment here or tell us on the Facebook page. Let’s start off 2013 with a little self love!

December Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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You there? No, I mean are you really there? In the moment? In the picture?

Your challenge this month is to GET in the picture, both literally and figuratively. Do you shy away from the camera because you’re holding on to a few extra pounds or your hair isn’t behaving? How many photos have you taken of your family or friends that you’re not a part of? Seize the day – stop waiting for perfection or you’ll miss out!

Get out from behind the lens and into the shot and whats more – share it with us on Facebook! Go to our page and show us the real you! We promise to share our pictures too!

November Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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I’m sure you’ve noticed that our November Challenge is a bit delayed. I’m one of the thousands who lost their power during Hurricane Sandy. I’m still without power so for now, my kids and I are lucky enough to be staying at Chez Nana and Grandpa. It looks like we might get power back some time this week, as long as the impending Nor’easter doesn’t interfere, but there’s no guarantee. We’ve had the help of power companies from all over the country to try and get lights back on and we couldn’t be more grateful. We also know that it could have been much worse – so much worse.

Since I live in New Jersey, coverage of the aftermath has been on the news constantly. I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but I’m sure most people have seen some of what used to be the Jersey Shore and areas of New York. THAT is how bad it could have been. There are people huddled around fires, outside, wearing whatever they could grab. Kids without coats, or shoes. It’s heart-breaking.

While I don’t usually let my kids watch the news (they’re three and five), it was sort of inevitable that they would see things about the storm and its impact. My five year old is older than his years would have you believe and while sitting in with his Grandpa one night last week, he declared that he was “going to help those people on TV.” And he fully intends to – he’s already told me that when we get back home, he’s going to count out ten dollars to donate and he’s made a list of things he wants to give to the local shelters. He’s not the only one – people in my neighborhood, friends from Facebook, various groups I belong to – they’re all helping out giving whatever they can. That brings me to our Challenge this month.

It’s November – the month of Thanksgiving here in the US. Counting your blessings, helping those less fortunate. This month’s challenge is going to extend through the end of the year, and maybe longer if you let it. We’re asking that you give back in any way that you can. Donate time to a shelter or hospital. Collect food for a soup kitchen. Donate coats and other warm clothing to help those without homes. Give blood or platelets. Donate to a favorite charity or group. Find something you believe in and go for it and include your kids.

Everybody can do something. What can you do?

September Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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Happy September! It’s looking to be an earlier fall up here in northern NJ, and I couldn’t be more happy! We’re settling into our school schedule and looking forward to cooler days, cozy sweaters, and comforting foods. I feel like in the autumn, life moves a little slower and I’m more aware of what’s going on around AND inside me.

This month’s challenge will help us focus on ourselves, which is something I think everyone could use a little more of now and again. We are going to use a food journal all month, not to count calories, but to find the connection between what we eat and how we feel. We want to focus on our mood while we’re eating and then again a little while after – actively being aware of how the food is affecting you.

You can journal your foods and moods with a notebook, a spreadsheet or word document, a group on Facebook, an online program or an app. There are lots of ways to keep track! Here’s a cute printable we found from a nutritionist’s site. We are testing a few different food/emotion journal apps and if you’ve got one you’d like to suggest, please leave a comment below! We’ll be giving our reviews of the apps midway through the month.

Keep us up to date on your progress here in the comments or post a message on our Facebook page!

August Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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The dog days of summer are here…and so is the August Reader’s Challenge of the Month!

This month we’re making it about the kids. If they haven’t started already, kids are getting ready to head back to school in the next few weeks. Take some quality quiet time with the children in your life and practice yoga together. You could show them a few of the basic postures, have them join you in your home practice, or take them to a class with you.

Let us know what you choose and how everyone does!

July Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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It’s July! This month’s challenge is to have some fun and change up your location! Take your yoga or mediation outside and commune with nature. And while you’re there, take a pic and post it to our Facebook page!

June Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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Fruits and Veggies

Can you believe it’s June already?! June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month and with the weather getting warmer, the farmers markets will be in full swing just about everywhere.

Your challenge this month is to visit your market and try something new. Find a new fruit or veggie to buy and try. Share your choices here and if you find a great recipe, share that as well!

To find your nearest farmers market, check out Local Harvest.

May Reader’s Challenge of the Month

Posted May 3rd, 2012 by Salina with No Comments

So, I’m a little late on the Challenge of the Month this time, but I suppose that’s what I get for trusting myself to write it; that’ll teach me! In my defense, I have not written the challenge yet because I was mostly doing it (that is, avoiding my computer and work).

This month we are challenging you to disconnect, unplug, and take a break from your electronic devices. As someone who is on the computer nearly everyday, with Facebook as my main source of world news, I know that you are thinking “Yeah right”, or something along those lines. Relax! Obviously we cannot all shutoff our computers and cell phones for a week expect our worlds to keep spinning. What we CAN do is choose at least one day (or even a half day) each week to shut off our phones, stay off the computer (games, facebook, work, etc), shut off your TV, iPod, gaming systems, ALL of it!

Tell your friends and family that on Fridays, for example, you will not be checking email or texting on your phone.
If you have a job that has you tied to your electronics all day everyday, thing about where you maybe able to cut back.
If you have to be available on your phone, try not to spend the day texting or reading news.

What can you do without your electronic devices?!
~ Get outside: hiking, biking, walking, chalk the sidewalks, kick a can
~ Spend time making crafts
~ Read a book
~ Write a book (or a poem, whatev!)
~ Take class
~ Go to the gym
~ Bake
~ Cook a fancy meal
~ Organize that closet (or room, or bookshelf) that you “have not had time for”

The possibilities are endless! Disconnect at least one day each week for the month of May; do it more often if you are able. When you plug back in, tell us what you did in your down time. Tell us how it felt for you – was it easy or difficult to be disconnected? What device is the most difficult for you to give up?

April Reader’s Challenge of the Month

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Spring has sprung! Time to throw open the windows, clear out the clutter, and clean house. For this month’s challenge, we want to know: what cleaning methods do you use? Do you make your own or purchase them? What are your favorite brands? Do you have any tips or tricks?

Send us a comment below and fill us in on your spring cleaning routine and the products you use!

March Reader’s Challenge of the Month

Posted March 5th, 2012 by Linda with No Comments

I hope last month’s love meditation left you feeling all warm and fuzzy. This month marks the beginning of Daylight Savings, St. Patrick’s Day, and spring! Depending on where you are, maybe you’re seeing the signs already.

This is the perfect time to start planning your garden! Here are some of the basics to consider in your planning:

  • How big will your garden be? Containers? Raised bed? Small plot of land?
  • What are you going to plant? Flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables, or maybe a mix?
  • Will you start from seed, bulb, transplant?
  • Annuals or perennials?

  • I know for me, I never know what to plant when, so this year I’m going to try using SproutRobot, a website that tells you when to plant and, if you sign up for a subscription, sends you the seeds. I’ve opted to go with just the email route, since I’m cheap, and I prefer to buy my own seeds and transplants locally.

    So, our challenge this month – let us know what your gardening plans are this year! Comment below and tell us about your garden and we’ll update you on our progress as well!

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