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November Reader’s Challenge of the Month

Posted November 6th, 2012 by Linda with No Comments

I’m sure you’ve noticed that our November Challenge is a bit delayed. I’m one of the thousands who lost their power during Hurricane Sandy. I’m still without power so for now, my kids and I are lucky enough to be staying at Chez Nana and Grandpa. It looks like we might get power back some time this week, as long as the impending Nor’easter doesn’t interfere, but there’s no guarantee. We’ve had the help of power companies from all over the country to try and get lights back on and we couldn’t be more grateful. We also know that it could have been much worse – so much worse.

Since I live in New Jersey, coverage of the aftermath has been on the news constantly. I’m not sure about the rest of the country, but I’m sure most people have seen some of what used to be the Jersey Shore and areas of New York. THAT is how bad it could have been. There are people huddled around fires, outside, wearing whatever they could grab. Kids without coats, or shoes. It’s heart-breaking.

While I don’t usually let my kids watch the news (they’re three and five), it was sort of inevitable that they would see things about the storm and its impact. My five year old is older than his years would have you believe and while sitting in with his Grandpa one night last week, he declared that he was “going to help those people on TV.” And he fully intends to – he’s already told me that when we get back home, he’s going to count out ten dollars to donate and he’s made a list of things he wants to give to the local shelters. He’s not the only one – people in my neighborhood, friends from Facebook, various groups I belong to – they’re all helping out giving whatever they can. That brings me to our Challenge this month.

It’s November – the month of Thanksgiving here in the US. Counting your blessings, helping those less fortunate. This month’s challenge is going to extend through the end of the year, and maybe longer if you let it. We’re asking that you give back in any way that you can. Donate time to a shelter or hospital. Collect food for a soup kitchen. Donate coats and other warm clothing to help those without homes. Give blood or platelets. Donate to a favorite charity or group. Find something you believe in and go for it and include your kids.

Everybody can do something. What can you do?

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