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May Reader’s Challenge of the Month

Posted May 3rd, 2012 by Salina with No Comments

So, I’m a little late on the Challenge of the Month this time, but I suppose that’s what I get for trusting myself to write it; that’ll teach me! In my defense, I have not written the challenge yet because I was mostly doing it (that is, avoiding my computer and work).

This month we are challenging you to disconnect, unplug, and take a break from your electronic devices. As someone who is on the computer nearly everyday, with Facebook as my main source of world news, I know that you are thinking “Yeah right”, or something along those lines. Relax! Obviously we cannot all shutoff our computers and cell phones for a week expect our worlds to keep spinning. What we CAN do is choose at least one day (or even a half day) each week to shut off our phones, stay off the computer (games, facebook, work, etc), shut off your TV, iPod, gaming systems, ALL of it!

Tell your friends and family that on Fridays, for example, you will not be checking email or texting on your phone.
If you have a job that has you tied to your electronics all day everyday, thing about where you maybe able to cut back.
If you have to be available on your phone, try not to spend the day texting or reading news.

What can you do without your electronic devices?!
~ Get outside: hiking, biking, walking, chalk the sidewalks, kick a can
~ Spend time making crafts
~ Read a book
~ Write a book (or a poem, whatev!)
~ Take class
~ Go to the gym
~ Bake
~ Cook a fancy meal
~ Organize that closet (or room, or bookshelf) that you “have not had time for”

The possibilities are endless! Disconnect at least one day each week for the month of May; do it more often if you are able. When you plug back in, tell us what you did in your down time. Tell us how it felt for you – was it easy or difficult to be disconnected? What device is the most difficult for you to give up?

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